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The Ciro Stool*

The Ciro stool recites its origin as a result of both, modern and a traditional process. A unique yet simple blend of different materials allowed us to generate different behaviors and properties, one of it being the bounce. The stool has a synergistic relationship between material, methodology and ergonomics.


Ciro builds a bridge between these two working methodologies, where the hand-woven cane part of the seat joins with the machine manufactured wooden and metal element. The weaving forms a small percentage of the stool, but plays several significant roles like aesthetics, comfort, holding the seat etc. and encouraging craftsmanship in the right way!


We live in the age of mass-production, which standardizes products and has its advantages like consistency, efficiency, cost reduction and the lead time. It has indeed transformed society in a major way. The fading prominence of handcrafted goods should be brought back to light and hold more relevance in today’s world. The amount of passion, mastery and attention to detail imprinted in the craftsman’s creation weaves a strong story behind the product, a story that's unique and worth sharing.Its impeccable stability and low weight will be appreciated in residential as well as commercial spaces and surroundings.

*German Design award nominee 2019

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