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Tirth Villa | Residential interiors

Year         2020

Status     Ongoing

Set amidst the quiet and serene neighbourhood of the Bhayli area in Vadodara, Tirth Villa is a premium residential development with luxurious bungalows planned around a large green central open space. The design scope for this project includes the complete interior works of a 3000 sq.ft villa situated within this development. The vast green field at the back of the villa lends visual privacy and a sense of expanse.


The attitude to design is primarily aligned with the contemporary, minimalist style with a dash of flamboyance brought in by the client’s inclination towards paintings, sculptures and decorative lighting.


The lounge space, additionally built on the second floor as per the client’s requirement, acts as a casual hangout space with a home theatre and gym. The vivid character of this space with its bold colour palette and dark wooden flooring makes it significantly different from the rest of the house with its neutral and airy colour palette.

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