Vyara Tourism Site

Buhari is a village situated on the banks of the Purna river in the Valod taluka of Surat district in Gujarat. Located about 18 kilometres away from Vyara, the nearest town, the village comprises of large agricultural fields, a lake and a main bazaar street.


Padam Dungari situated about 30 kilometres from Buhari is Padam Dungari, a village in the same district in the Vyara taluka along the Ambica river. Surrounded by an undulating and dense forest area with a wide variety of flora and fauna, Padam Dungari has been developed as an ecotourism site with recreational activities and accommodation for visitors. The proposal identifies the existing character of all three sites and propose appropriate interventions to:

  1. Encourage visitor footfall

  2. Provide adequate facilities for visitors

  3. Increase recreational value

  4. Optimum use of existing natural resources

  5. Improve connectivity with the area

  6. Generate local income opportunities