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Abode by the ravines | Residence
Ampad, Vadodara

Year        2019

Status    Unbuilt

The design for this lavish residence has been conceptualised on the vast farmland that they own on the outskirts of Vadodara city. The ravined site sitting over the edge of one of the tributaries of the Mahi river was lush green with indigenous trees and plants. The contoured site with the valleys and lower water collection areas was indeed a complex surface to place the new house on.


To respond to this complex and interesting landscape, the house is perceived as a bridge between the two mounds of the site. The concrete wall spanning a large part of the site acts as a large beam along which the circulation axis is supported. The house overlooks the common areas which includes a large amphitheatre facing towards the swimming pool and the water body located further away. 


The house is segregated into three parts by two courts in order to separate out the public spaces, service block and the private spaces of the house from each other. One of the courts houses the amphitheatre while the other encloses the existing trees on the site.

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