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The Studio

Fifth Column, established in 2014, is a multidisciplinary design studio based in Vadodara. Over a short period of time, the studio has grown with a thriving team of young and enthusiastic architects and designers. The distinctiveness of the studio is its focus on a diverse scale of projects ranging from a single piece of furniture to architectural and urban design projects, spanning a variety of cultures, landscapes and climates. Simultaneously the studio is engaged with diverse range of clients including governmental and non-governmental bodies, corporate, builders, private clients as well as furniture and product manufacturers.


Innovative design solutions

Each project is seen as a challenge and an opportunity that runs across rigorous analytical exercises and intense processes which results in a comprehensive design result. The studio strongly believes in not getting into a style or a language, while each design problem is examined at a fundamental level, the studio aims to address characters and the potential of the project and embrace it into the design. All the projects are worked highly on a participatory level with the clients, engineers, specialist consultants and not the least the local craftsmen, taking everyone’s contribution on the journey of the design process.


Collaborative approach

The philosophy of the studio firmly believes and highly advocates teamwork and collaboration with experts in various respective fields. While at the same time the team at Fifth Column is blessed to have a mentor-ship of seniors, colleagues as well as the design fraternity which continuously makes everyone at the studio learners and listeners.

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