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Artists' Workshop | Institutional facility
Pilol, Vadodara

Year         2022

Status     Ongoing

The building houses a state-of-the-art artists’ workshop and residency facility in Pilol, Vadodara. Workshop facilities include spacious, well-equipped studios for Sculpture, Ceramics and Pottery and a common gallery for displays and exhibitions. Spaces are segregated as work and living areas. Work areas are further designed based on artists’ requirement of dry and wet areas as well as heated and cool spaces. Each studio space is designed to be flexible to the changing needs of the artists.


The building is oriented along the East-West directions with buffer spaces accommodating services and acting as heat barriers on either end. Internal spaces are cross-ventilated and outdoor areas, shaded. The central double height open space is flooded with ample daylight from the North, giving the place a vibrant character. The entrance foyer and a small display area created in curved rammed earth walls and plugged in on either side of the building create a dramatic contrast with the exposed concrete panel finish of the building. The facility is a CSR initiative by a leading Clinical Research Organisation (CRO) and is aimed at providing local artists a unique platform to pursue their individual inclinations and collaborate with other local and international artists through residency programs. 

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