Madan Mahal Heritage and Eco Zone, Jabalpur*

Year         2017

Status     Ongoing

The project commissioned by Jabalpur Smart City Limited (JSCL), intends to undertake Development of Madan Mahal Heritage, Recreation and Ecotourism zone with allied facilities including supporting infrastructure at Madan Mahal mountain range. The scope of the project is across five separate potential zones in the city. 


Zone 1: The Supa tal lake edge with an existing green edge towards the highway and a residential area with a temple along the opposite edge. The lake edge near the temple is used for daily washing and bathing.

Zone 2: Dev tal, a beautiful, historic  but neglected lake with a series of temples along its edge. In its close vicinity is the Osho Ashram.

Zone 3: The Madan Mahal rock outcrop comprising of the historic Rani Roopmati fort situated at the hilltop with other fort ruins along with other tourist attractions such as the ‘balancing rock’, Shri Sharda Devi temple and a Hanuman temple at the East base of the hill.

Zone 4: Sangram Sagar lake, a popular tourist destination near the Bajnamath fort noted for its medieval architecture. The lake is also a migratory home for several bird species. 

Zone 5: Pisanhari Marhiya Dig. Jain Atishaya Kshetra Jabalpur is a famous pilgrimage place known since last 500 years for its extraordinary story of development.

*in collaboration with The Design Umbrella and Vishwakarma Consultancy Services