Pavilion at Ampad

Year         2021

Status     Ongoing

The scope of this project included redoing the interiors for a large bedroom at the residence of Mrs. and Mr. Sharma. The challenge here was to negotiate the existing sloping roof covering the bedroom with the internal space planning requirements. A small alcove on one corner of the room gives the opportunity to create a cosy space for reading or relaxation. The rest of the room is kept clutter-free with minimal style furniture with clean lines and a monochromatic colour palette. Bold coloured fabrics are used as an accent to contrast with the simple design elements. The entire range of fixed furniture including the bed, wardrobe, television unit and the alcove seating has been designed and executed with utmost attention to detail. 


The presence of ample natural light, ventilation and nicely framed views of the home garden, beautifully complements the design intervention and lends a pleasant ambience to the space.