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Green Acres | Residential interiors
Ampad, Vadodara* 

Year         2019

Status     Unbuilt

The project involved refurbishing the interiors of an existing home in Ampad, Vadodara. The building plan with two layers of concentrically placed walls, around a central circular court posed a significant challenge for the internal layout of each space. This was taken as an opportunity to achieve multiple seating areas, each with an enjoyable view of the expansive site and varying degrees of formality and hence, privacy. The existing arched openings on the concentric exposed brick walls add a modern charm to the spaces. The subdued, classy and minimal furniture in each space is at times contrasted with the use of decorative lighting fixtures and other forms of artwork.  


The key highlight of the design is the outdoor living space lavishly occupying the central court for large social gatherings.   

*in collaboration with Jaymin Panchasara 

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