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Vadodara Street Furniture*

Year         2018

Status     Proposed

With an interesting brief on hand that focused on articulating urban open spaces by upcycling municipal scrap, this project presents three different designs for urban street furniture. The designs are aimed towards achieving functional relevance while maintaining local character and creating opportunities for relaxation and social interaction.

The first one is an interactive space for families with a sand pit  for children repurposed from a water tanker accompanied by comfortable benches made out of waste wooden slats to relax and unwind. The second one is an adaptation of the traditional ‘chabutro’ or pigeon tower with a provision for animals to drink water. It is made out of scrap pipe/lamp posts and sheet metal. The third design is a flexible seating cluster made out of drain pipes and large plumbing junctions that can be placed just about anywhere using multiple spatial permutations. 

All three designs are firmly rooted in the city’s culture of balancing tradition and modernity.

*in collaboration with Vishnu Thozur Kolleri and  Jaymin Panchasara 

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