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Velocite | a recumbent trike

Year         2014 

Status     Completed

The Velocite - a recumbent trike is largely assembled from waste. The idea was to make cycling a more attractive, cheaper and easier mode of transportation while promoting a greener mode of production.


Although such trikes are readily available abroad, the primary intention behind this project was to reimagine recumbent trikes, an integral part of one's life from childhood to the time when one gets old, as a sustainable product which is easier on the pocket. 


The central pipe has been prepared using waste collected from a construction yard while the fork and brakes are procured from a scrapyard. The moving parts including wheels, gears, chain and sprocket were newly bought to ensure efficient functioning. The trike seat has been designed ergonomically for an average adult following an intense study of one's riding posture. The seat, woven with ‘Kathi’ (coconut coir), allows the back of the rider to be ventilated.

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