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Vyara Tourism Development Plan 

Year         2019

Status     Proposed 

The project is a tourism development proposal for three sites in and around Buhari, a small village situated on the banks of the Purna river in the Valod taluka of Surat district in Gujarat. Located about 18 kilometres away from Vyara, the nearest town, the village comprises large agricultural fields, a lake and a main bazaar street.


Site 1: Buhari lake

Located at the major crossroad junction which also marks the main entry point to the village. The existing edge of the lake is surrounded by roads on two sides and informal settlements on the back edge.


Site 2: Ramji mandir

Located in the interior of the village on the river bank, the temple is an important religious institution of the village. The temple complex consists of several smaller shrines along with the main temple and a semi-open space behind it for social gatherings.


Site 3: Gusmai Madi mandir

Located about 5 kilometres from the Padam Dungari Eco Campsite, the temple consists of two shrines – one at a lower level and the other (main temple) situated about 30 meters up the hill. Surrounded by an undulating and dense forest area with a wide variety of flora and fauna, Padam Dungari has been developed as an ecotourism site with recreational activities and accommodation for visitors.


The proposal identifies the existing character of all three sites taking into consideration religious significance, natural surroundings and ]potential for recreational development.


Proposed interventions are aim at:

  • Encourage visitor footfall

  • Provide adequate facilities for visitors

  • Increase recreational value

  • Optimum use of existing natural resources

  • Improve connectivity with the area

  • Generate local income opportunities

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